Our lawyers have various experience in property litigation.

The process of purchasing and selling a home or property involves two parties and their attorneys. It is important to hire an attentive attorney as a simple mistake may result in you paying or losing a lot of money.
New York State law requires real estate transactions to be involving, supervising, and directing all legal documents by practicing lawyers. Lawyers are required to participate in everything from checking property rights to signing documents. A property survey conducted by an experienced real estate lawyer can ensure that these issues are resolved early and will not be left to the buyer on the day of the transaction.

Only after both parties sign the sales contract can the lawyer’s second step start. They went to the Registry of Deeds to investigate property rights. Review the property rights report and review the property certification. If the property is a heritage, you will need to go to the Local Registry of Investigations (Registry of Probate). The title deeds registry and the heritage registrar are governed by counties, and each house is registered there. The transaction history of each house is recorded, and some can be traced to a hundred years ago. Property rights investigations are designed to ensure that house sellers have full property rights and that they can be legally traded. In addition, the property rights survey can also reveal some restrictions on the use of rights. For example, passers-by have the right to pass through the side of the land on that property. As a homeowner, you have no right to stop. This is the right of way. For another example, maybe you have other people’s easements. You can use the backyard trail of your left neighbor. These are all stated in the property rights, but they are not known without checking. When you are complacent to buy a house that is cheaper than an equivalent house, you need to understand its property rights and whether there are restrictions on its use. Land that has restrictions on the use of rights will be more troublesome when it is resold in the future.

In order to protect their respective interests, both buyers and sellers have their own agents and their own lawyers. Including buyers and sellers, there are a total of six parties. With the help of the two brokers, the buyer and the seller have reached an agreement on the price and additional conditions before the preparation of the sales contract. The lawyers of both parties use legal language and wording for the agreement that has been reached before. Through this sales contract, lawyers of both parties help employers understand the responsibilities and obligations of both parties in the contract they are about to sign, and the legal consequences of the violation.

The United States is a society that emphasizes contracts. Written contracts have a crucial role. If you do not perform the obligations specified in the contract, the other party will tell you to court. Therefore, in the process of any transfer or sale of shops, both parties must have lawyers to confirm their obligations to perform. When they find unreasonable conditions or when they do not agree with the original conditions, they should let lawyers and landlords fight for amendments to avoid the Longer and far-reaching influence.

Both the buyer and the seller, as well as the lawyers of both of them, sometimes also include the signature of both real estate agents. At this time, the property survey was completed. The buyer’s funds were in place and the seller completely moved out of the property. The signed documents mainly include title deeds, loan books (buyers), loan repayments (sellers), land taxes, and water and electricity meter delivery.

At this time, the lawyer updated the record of the name of the new owner and other legal documents to the property registration office, including the registration of the repayment certificate of the seller. The buyer can receive the updated title deed about two weeks later.

Bankruptcy is a major blow for anyone. We ensure that creditors or debtors can survive the process of bankruptcy or restructuring in the best possible way. Our strength is that we are equipped with lawyers in the fields of corporate, securities, finance and litigation, and can assist corporate clients in all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings.

There are two legal ways in New York City to evict tenants, recover their arrears or overdue. In the case of recovery of arrears, the room rented to the tenant must be legal and there should be a valid lease between the landlord and the tenant. If you illegally rent a basement or attic apartment to collect rent, you can’t use the recovery method to drive out the tenants. For legally rented apartments, when the tenant does not pay, the landlord should hire a professional lawyer to issue an arrears lawyer’s recovery letter. If the tenant does not pay within the time limit, the landlord can go to the court to file a recovery arrears suit in order to recover the rent or refuse the tenant. Dodge tenants when not paying.